Could a hearing test help prevent dementia?

You are probably aware of the importance of a hearing test to identify any problems with your hearing and take action to remedy the situation. However, you may not realise that hearing problems may contribute to the development of dementia and that any aids prescribed after a hearing test may help to prevent it.  What does the research say? First of all, it must be emphasised that the research is still in its early stages, and it would be wrong to have any certainty about the results.

Health and Mobility Scooters: Are You Well Enough to Drive a Scooter?

While most people use mobility scooters because of health conditions that prevent them from getting around as easily as they used to, this doesn’t mean that this kind of transport is suitable for everyone with a mobility issue. In some cases, medical conditions and medications may make using a scooter less of a good idea than it seems on paper. What health considerations should you think about before you decide whether to start using a scooter or not?