Can A Tens Machine Help Alleviate Your Pain?

Muscle and nerve injuries are very common occurrences and can often make it difficult for patients both in the short- and long-term, as they tend to linger and sometimes worsen over time. The tens machine is designed to give you a break from the pain and limit the amount of medication use you may otherwise be dependent upon. Here are a few things you should know about tens machines: What is a tens machine?

5 Tools to Help the Elderly Maintain Their Snacking Independence

If you or someone you love is an elderly person trying to maintain your independence, the right tools can be critical to that task. Cooking, in particular, can present challenges to the elderly. Ideally, you should have a helper cook your main meals, but you may face challenges snacking throughout the day. Whether you want a tea, a can of soda or a sliced apple, here are the tools you need to maintain your snacking independence: