5 Tools to Help the Elderly Maintain Their Snacking Independence

If you or someone you love is an elderly person trying to maintain your independence, the right tools can be critical to that task. Cooking, in particular, can present challenges to the elderly. Ideally, you should have a helper cook your main meals, but you may face challenges snacking throughout the day. Whether you want a tea, a can of soda or a sliced apple, here are the tools you need to maintain your snacking independence:

Electric Can Opener

When you are ready to indulge in the joys of canned tuna, soup or other treats, opening a can can be prohibitive, especially if you have arthritis or manually dexterity issues. However, with an electric can opener the task if easy. You simply pop in the can, and the tool opens it for you.

Can Pull

If you want to enjoy a cola in the middle of the day, you cannot really open that type of can with an electric opener. Luckily, there are can pulls. Similar to placing a spoon under the tab of a can, these pulls feature a large easy to grip handle connected to a small loop. Loop the small end over the tab of the can, pull it open easily and enjoy!

Cordless Kettle Tipper

If you love tea but you no longer have the strength to lift your kettle, you may fear that you may drop it and scald yourself. If you have an electric kettle, this issue is easy to remedy with the cordless kettle tipper. This product holds the weight of your kettle while you tip your kettle forward toward your cup. It prevents spills and makes it impossible to drop the kettle.

Large-handled Knives

If you want some sliced fruit or a bit of the leftover whole roasted chicken as a snack, you often need to use a knife. Unfortunately, if you have trouble maintaining a strong grip, you may drop the knife. Enter large handled knives. These knives have safety handles that you place your hand through. They make it easier to hold the knife, but even if you accidentally let go, the knife won't fall; it will just hang on your hand.  

Mobile Trays

Regardless what you decide to snack upon, you still need to move your treats from the kitchen to the dining table or to your favourite chair in front of the TV. Avoid spilled dishes and awkward journeys with a mobile tray. Designed like a walker with a tray attached to it, mobile trays allow you to transport snacks and drinks steadily and easily regardless of your strength or how stable you are on your feet.

These items can help you get by and feel a bit more independent. Contact services such as Self Care Assist to learn more ways you can get the care you need.